Raskulls Gets Reinforcements

Raskulls fans, relief has arrived!  The first bit of DLC for the XBLA game has been announced by the game’s developer Halfbrick.  Featuring a new Grand Prix and four new characters, the DLC pack is available on Xbox Live for only 160 Microsoft Points.  They’ve also thrown in 50 more achievement points to sweeten the pot.  Here is what Halfbrick had to say in their official announcement:

The extra Grand Prix, known as the Shiny Stone Cup, features four race levels and includes the new “Castle” environment! You can play these level both online and offline, using any of the previous characters or one of the new four:

KITTEN – A descendant from the legendary half-cat, half-skull and half-awesome Raskulls of the Faraway Mountains, Kitten is a cute yet deadly addition to the cast. Why deadly? Ask Little Billy Bobskull, the crippled boy in the Extensive Bite n’ Scratch ward at Raskulls General.

VIKING – One of King’s past rivals, Viking likes to pillage, loot and drink with the best of them. On the other hand, he’s big into haberdashery. Fine men’s suit craftsmanship does not a nice Raskull make.

SPACEMAN – Spaceman, I always wanted you to go | into space, man.

BARNEY – A Pirat minion of Captain J. Turncoat, Barney has the tendency to lose his pants and ice-cream money. As a mindless thug, he’s sub-par. As a potential hat rack or paperweight, he’s not bad at all.

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