You May Just Need These Super Meat Boy Charms

These Super Meat Boy charms are pretty charming, and pretty much guaranteed to not last.  If you need more meaty goodness in  your life, say your jacket zipper perhaps, act quickly as the first 4 sets promise to be a very limited supply.  Browse and order them here.


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I've made movies, written and performed music, and in January of 2011 got bored and started the awesome gaming site you see before you. My gaming roots began with the original NES, and endless hours spent spilling quarters into machines at the local arcade. I have a personal collection of over 200 Nintendo 64 games, and for many years it was the only system I owned. I re-entered the modern generation of gaming consoles when I decided to purchase a 360. I typically prefer the single player experience of games, so I’m usually playing through some single-player campaign, but can occasionally be found doing some damage in Halo Reach.