You’re Going To Want This GAEMS Portable Gaming Case

Recently featured a break-down of the GAEMS Portable Gaming Case, and if my reaction to it is anything like the norm you’ll be wishing you had the money to pre-order one right away.  The case will carry one Xbox 360/360 “Slim”/PS3/PS3 Slim at a time and allow further storage for up to 2 controllers, 4 games and of course the necessary cords.  According to the manufacturers, there is even more room for accessories when housing the PS3 Slim.  The case is sleek, the right size for carry-on luggage (although you will likely have a few TSA agents question all those wires),  and even sports a 15.5” LED HD display with built in speakers and a proprietary HDMI cord.  Check out the full break down at Gadget Review and check out the gallery below.


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