The Internet’s response to the Wii U announcement (in pictures)

The Internet is not just for porn, no my friends, it is also a source of funny photos of cats.  Sometimes though some other stuff gets posted too, such as some humorous reactions to a new console by Nintendo.  We’ve decided to put together a collection of images expressing the various opinions and reactions to the Wii U (there are some large gif’s in this post that may take a moment to load). Admittedly, we here at CBR were a little caught off guard by Nintendo’s E3 presentation.  We assume that we weren’t the only people making this face at the end of the presentation:

Obviously though, we’ve had some time to think about it… and we’re still not really sure.  Judging by the reaction on the net so far, many others are in the same boat.  The webcomic Rabzilla choose to target the oddness of Nintendo’s reveal (below), which Nintendo themselves have said they could of done better.

Perhaps Nintendo wouldn’t have gone that route, but they certainly wouldn’t have gone for this (this one may take a while to load):

There is no question they would of stolen the show though.

Among the many questions people had after the announcement was the odd name.  A webcomic by the name of “Hey Look It’s Cranston” put this simple response together, the ironic part? That is almost the exact the thought process behind the name that Nintendo discussed later!

And of course, what would an Internet anything be without the required Xhibit joke:

The new controller was the center of a lot of jokes as well as genuine interest.  Let’s face it, it is kind of weird and possibly very cool.  Another webcomic, by the name of ToonLifeOnline, decided to focus on this part of the announcement:

Also making fun of the new controller, and pointing out some… similarities with some pre-existing Nintendo tech was a rage comic produced by a Reddit user:

But however you feel, Nintendo is certainly hoping that the end result goes a little something like this (May also take a moment to load):


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