XBLIG Spotlight: Kinetic Kube S

Every week we shine the spotlight on an exceptional XBLIG, and the developers behind them, in what we like to call the XBLIG Spotlight.  This week, we take a look at Kinetic Kube S; a frantic arcade style points race.  Check out the trailer below and as always, my perspective.  Unfortunately this week we will not be including a developer Q&A due to time constraints.  As usual on CBR, reading has rewards as you may even get a chance to win a copy of the game. Add Kinetic Kube S to your download queue! First, the trailer:


Kinetic Kube S is described as a game of “intense action and split second decisions,” and that is mostly dead on. The core the game consist of guiding your block like character either away from bombs, through various perils in a flying ship or jumping from ledge to ledge in a high speed hectic free for all. The game focuses more on testing your reflexes than puzzle solving or strategy in an all out blitz on your hand-eye coordination.  Two of the three game modes support up to four players at a time in the high-octane arcade style action.

The game’s three modes offer notable variance.  The main mode, Kinetic, has you and up to three additional players having to quickly jump from platform to platform while avoiding lasers, ships and of course bad jumps.  You have a ship on your side that will help to protect and destroy other objects, and controlling both becomes quite the challenge.  It is a race to get as many points as possible and death obstructs that goal; so don’t die.

Two more modes grace the game, including Survival.  In Survival your block is now piloting a ship along with three other ships (human or AI controlled) that must go through a series of several different types of rounds, such as making it through a narrow passageway or destroing the parts of a weapon before it can fire.  Survival typically depends on multiple ships managing to stick it out and lots of quick maneuvers and a very itchy trigger finger.  Playing with only AI is very difficult, you will die.

The final game mode is Bomb, where your block must avoid the rapidly falling bombs to once again get as high of a score as possible.  This mode was largely forgettable, and I honestly ended up allowing myself to die when I played through it simply to be done after several minutes.  Bomb is not available as a multiplayer mode, which was honestly no big deal since you probably wouldn’t want to play it anyway.

All the modes offer a nice variance from the others, but none really “wow” in any particular way.  Kinetic is very hectic and crazy, so if that is your kind of style then you might find yourself enjoying it quite a bit.  Survival is probably the strongest of the game modes, but it lacks depth with a very limited amount of variation in the different “rounds” the game puts you through. Not to mention, playing it single player is a huge disadvantage. Overall the three modes provide a descent sampling, but in the end each feels just like that; a sampling.

Kinetic Kube S also claims to sport “cannot take your eyes away” graphics, and in this there is certainly some truth.  The game is colorful and vibrant; from the menu to the game itself. It is very simple but well designed.  I enjoyed the visual presentation; in fact I would say the way the game looks is certainly Kinetic Kube S’s strongest selling point.  The soundtrack, which has a very strong trance/electronic influence, would be a solid point in the game’s favor if the track samples weren’t so limited.  Expect to hear the same couple of bars over and over.

Really the game just kind of falls flat of expectations based on what you see.  The game looks great, and the mechanics are solid, but the game’s single player experience is lacking in anything especially innovative.  It is fun, but it quickly wears off and odds are you’ll find yourself looking to something else after one or two rounds.  Multiplayer really is the way to go in this game, and I have no doubt that the screaming, berating and all that other stuff that comes from a fun multiplayer experience is what would take this game to a new level; unfortunately it lacks online multiplayer allocating the experience simply to your living room and those who happen to occupy it.  Had the game included an online function it would certainly be worth it as a group investment (i.e. you and a couple of friends all drop a buck on it), without it though it is just lacking.  In short, Kinetic Kube S is great to look at, kind of fun, but also kind of generic in terms of actual game play.

Final Rating: 6/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On: Xbox 360 – XBLIG
Approximate Time to Completion: N/A
Gamer Score Earned: N/A
Price Bought at: N/A – Review copy furnished by Suitz Ethics
Current Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Recommend Purchase Price: Literally doesn’t get cheaper
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