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Updated on 5/06/13

Do you have a passion for video games? How about movies, music or nerdy things in general? If you answered yes to any of those, have a solid comprehension of the English language and are reliable and hard working please read on!

Clearance Bin Review is looking to increase our writing staff in all areas of coverage. Our goal is to regularly publish unique and engaging articles that will appeal to many different people; CBR is really a one stop destination. We want our articles be both entertaining and insightful, we take it kind of seriously here but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun doing what we do!

What we are looking for writers in the following categories:


Currently we are looking to take on at least one author (but preferably two) to cover music on a minimum of a bi-weekly schedule.  Topic content and format is open to any new and innovative ideas, so long as the content is unique and engaging (anything ranging album reviews to op/ed pieces).


We are always seeking writers to write reviews and editorials for major gaming platforms, specifically we are seeking writers interested in writing reviews for iPhone, PC, Wii-U and XBLIG’s! Primarily CBR reviews indie games, though we publish plenty of big budget game reviews as well. Long time readers are also aware that we frequently get involved in special events such as our very popular Backlog Quest series, our amazing coverage of the Indie Games Uprising and many more (past and future)!

CBR is also looking to increase our gaming news coverage as well, with a focus on indie gaming.  Authors interested in publishing regular news articles covering indie games and developers (including interviews and editorials) for all platforms are seriously encouraged to respond.


We are seeking at least one author interested in writing regular film reviews for the site. We have plenty of op/ed pieces about film currently but our review selection is lacking. Think you can fill that gap? Let us know!

In General:

Most importantly, we want writers who are enthusiastic about their subject matter, able to meet deadlines and communicate effectively.  That said, if you have an exciting idea for a regular column that you think would be a good fit and I didn’t mention it above, talk to us anyway! We may just agree! (Our regular column, Dr. Geek came about just this way!)

Minimum Requirements:

All authors on the site are required to post a minimum of two unique articles a month (exceptions will be made for any author who is regularly posting news articles). Must have the ability to do very basic photo editing (every article has a header image that must be a certain size), and all authors will be expected to have their articles ready for editorial review by the necessary deadline (typically 10pm central time the night before your article is scheduled to post).  If you think your writing is perfect and refuse to accept notes, or you only want to write something when you feel like it, this isn’t a good position for you.

The perks:

The most notable perk to this job is the opportunity for free games (and other review materials)! You’ll also learn how to improve your writing for a web-based publication, gain and build contacts within the industry, build your resume, improve your writing quality and of course you will also have access to an established site to publish your work. All the perks of having your own site without having to do all the behind the scenes work! Unfortunately as a fairly new site, we can not yet offer paid compensation, but there are still plenty of perks to be had! As the site’s traffic improves the possibility of paid compensation will be re-evaluated.  All of this of course doesn’t include the best perk of all; an excuse to tell the girlfriend/husband/significant other why you need to buy all these new games/go to that movie/be left alone to listen to that album!

This is your opportunity to gain a variety of experiences that will hep you down the line (and hopefully be a lot of fun along the way)!

How to apply:

Finding authors strictly through the web is a crap-shoot, which is why all potential writers should be prepared to submit several examples of work, and if possible please include any information on previous writing gigs (if any), some basic information on who you are and what you would like to write about.  Writers who have a proven track record will be given preference.  We typically respond to writing samples with notes for improvement, if we do this than we are interested in working with you.  Responses to your inquiries are not always immediate, so don’t fret if it takes a day or two. Generally your first couple of game reviews will require you to review a game you already have or intend to own. We take the fact developers give us review copies very seriously and don’t just hand them out to authors who haven’t proven themselves able to write for the site.

If you are interested in writing for CBR please contact us using the form below (Choose “Writing Opportunities” as your subject). Please include information about who you are, why you are interested in writing for CBR and how you would be interested in contributing (including potentially how much you would like to contribute). Do not send writing samples through the form below (links to existing blog post are okay though), we will typically respond in 1-2 business days if we are interested in seeing more examples of your work:

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