Indie Invasion is here!

This spring Clearance Bin Review is being invaded by indie games!  We already feature a ton of indie game reviews from month to month but this spring is going to be different as we carpet bomb the internet with way more reviews than normal.


Well mostly because we suddenly found ourselves buried in indie games to play and it just didn’t make sense to spread them out over the next five months when we could just let them swarm onto the site instead! So this springit back and enjoy an explosion of indie coverage starting on April 12th!



A full list of games reviewed during the Indie Invasion will be listed below as they are published (in alphabetical order):

Air Penguin: The only thing flying high here are the penguins (Mobile: Android/iPhone)

Avatar Deathmatch: Say hello to my little (foam) friend! (XBLIG)

Colonies: NeoCiv: Daaang that looks good (XBLIG)

Defender II: Monsters, Crossbows and Fireballs - Oh My! (Android)

Nuage: A Mellow Trip, Man... (XBLIG)

Pajamorama: a Sleepover with Kung-Fu (XBLIG)

Poke Fish: No animals were harmed in the poking of this fish (Mobile: Android, iOS)

Rock Bottom: An aptly named indie game (XBLIG)

Shine Runner: Good Ol' Hillbilly Fun (Mobile: Android/iPhone)

Septipus: Tentacle Apocalypse: A Septipus for the rest of us! (XBLIG)

Spoids: Funny Name, Crazy Difficult (XBLIG, PC)

Temple Run: A fast paced mobile adventure (Mobile: Android/iPhone)

They Breathe: A Breath of Fresh Air (XBLIG, PC)

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