You’ve got to catch this Pokemon inspired art gallery!

Hello, err whats your name again?

Oh yeah, that’s right!

Hello, Butt.  I have something to show you!

Residents of the greater Twin Cities area are in for a treat tomorrow as the Light Grey Art Lab is hosting the grand opening of a Pokemon inspired art show.  You read that right.  151 artist are taking on the original 151 Pokemon, each artist focusing on a specific Pokemon and giving their own unique spin on one piece of a classic gaming franchise.  Opening on April 20th, at 7pm in downtown Minneapolis, The Light Grey Art Lab will be displaying the renditions of the original 151 as well as additional Pokemon inspired art. Additionally, anyone who wishes to purchase the Pokemon art of their choice can do so for the reasonable price of only $40 (available on a first come, first serve basis so cast your Super PokeBall fast kids!). The opening will also feature refreshments, giveaways and even Pokemon inspired music.

For more information on Light Grey Art Labs and the Pokemon Battle Royale, visit their blog HERE or their Facebook event page HERE.

The official press release by Light Grey Art Labs:

We’re super excited to invite everyone to the Opening Reception for our new show, “Pokémon Battle Royale“, on Friday April 20th from 7 – 10pm!

Battle Royale is massive show, with 151 artists taking on the original 151 original Pokémon! The list of amazing talent involved is absolutely awe-inspiring! You can find a full list of participants here!

All artwork is available first-come-first-serve once the doors open, and each piece is only $40!

As a bonus, we’re also opening the small gallery, which will feature a special mini-set of Poké-trainers by hand-picked guest artists, as well as a Poké-themed art provided by the superstar collaborative art project Ten Paces and Draw!

The event is free and everyone is welcome! So if you’re around the Minneapolis area – stop by and say hello! There will be Poké-themed refreshments, music, super-cool people and fun give-aways!

Yeah! Give-aways! There will be a sweet (free) raffle for some excellent artwork! Make sure to stick around until the drawing at 9 PM to win!

Remember, the Opening Reception is Friday, April 20th from 7- 10pm! We’re located on the corner of Stevens Ave and 26th Street – right across from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Street parking is available on Stevens, 26th and 1st Ave.


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