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Motorstorm: RC is the first of the Motorstorm games to be made for the PS Vita.  It is a change from the other Motorstorm games in that instead of racing cars, motorcycles and semis you are racing radio controlled cars.  It is a fun change from the series and being free for the Vita makes Motorostorm: RC even better.

The game uses traditional RC controls in that the left analog stick is left and right steering while the right stick is forward and reverse.  If you don’t care for this setup the system does allow for customization of this.  The only other control is the ability to adjust which camera angle you use.  There are several to choose from but only aerial really works well since you race in third person and need to be able to see the track enough to plan your turns and speed.


There are several types of RC cars you will be racing but they only differ in what class they are.  All cars in the same class have the same speed and handling which is a bit disappointing since the only customization is body style and paint jobs.  There are 8 classes of cars in the game: supermini, monster truck, racing truck, muscle car, buggy, big rig, rally car and super car. Each of these classes of cars has different handling and top speeds.  There are a plethora of cars in these classes too but unfortunately well over half of them are DLC.  This can really raise the price of this free game dramatically if you want these other cars but since they all perform the same there is no need to purchase them other than for fun.

The racecourses themselves are broken into locations.  There are 4 locations with 12 events each for a total of 48 races.  There are also 4 different types of races: race, hot lap, pursuit, and drift.  The race is just what you would expect, you racing a number of laps against A.I. racers.  The hot lap is you doing laps and trying to beat the posted lap times.  Pursuit is a race where you pass other cars on the track as fast as possible and must overtake so many in a fixed amount of time to complete the race.  Finally drift is done with just the muscle cars and is you doing long drifts to score so many points in a set amount of time.

Depending on how well you do in each event will determine how many medals you earn with 3 being the most you can get per event.  The number of metals you have earned determines how many courses are open to you and what cars are open to you.  You will find yourself easily getting 2 or 3 medals on each event for about the first third of the game and then the difficulty will begin ramping up quickly.  I felt the difficulty increase was done too quickly and should have been a more gradual progression to keep a nice learning curve going.

The game does not feature multiplayer races on the Vita (the PS3 version does have split screen though).  It does have a feature though where if you repeat an event you will see a streaking line representing your last race, showing exactly where you drove and how fast.  This can be helpful in determining what you need to change to do better.  The game will also show you how your friends did on races as well with a line representing them for hot lap races.  I liked how this feature showed me how others were racing and what I needed to work on improving.


One of the things about the game that disappointed me is the camera angle.  Since it is an RC race I do understand the need to have an top down view, but with some of the courses you will pass through sections that are just so poorly light it makes it hard to see what is going on.  The graphics in the game aren’t incredible either.  They are decent but I feel they could have pushed the Vita more and done better.  The game is definitely playable but I feel improved graphics could have helped with seeing the track conditions and layout better.

Overall Motorostorm: RC is a fun little game.  You will find yourself being drawn in and doing race after race without realizing it.  It is perfect as a portal game with how short each event is and how well it controls with the Vita.  Being that it’s free, every Vita owner definitely needs to pick this up and have some fun with it.

Final Rating: 8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On
: Playstation Vita
Time to completion: 4-5 hours
Trophies Earned: 5/24
Price Bought at: Free
Current Price: Free via PSN
Recommend Purchase Price: Free
Why you should buy it: You enjoy a fun racing game and come on, its free!
Why you shouldn’t buy it: You think you are too grown up to enjoy racing toy cars.




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