XBLIG Review: DLC Quest – story available with added purchase


DLC Quest, published by Going Loud Studios, is a comical satire of downloadable content going too far. The game is quick, snarky and well-done, exploiting you for every bit of DLC along the way.


The game’s premise is simple, Bad Guy kidnapped the princess and you must save her. However, the game is the real enemy here, as it requires you to purchase upgrades that range from the ability to go left to the inclusion of zombies. As the game opens up, it tells the player of “some missing features, like animation, sound and move to the left.” However, the problem is “nothing a little DLC can’t solve.” That is the premise of the game – collect as much DLC as possible. Luckily, the player only purchases the DLC with in-game coins that are collected.

The game starts off bare bones; you can walk right and talk to people. The first DLC that must be purchased is the ability to jump and go left. After that you have to collect coins to unlock more DLC and in essence further the game. Along the way, you encounter other characters that ask for favors, which can be done quicker via DLC, as well as provide comic relief. One character in particular has no idea why he is even in the game. Eventually, you will have the appropriate DLC to “complete” the game, but you will find you don’t actually get to kill Bad Guy, or rescue the princess – must be some DLC available in the future.

The game’s style echoes back to older 8-bit games, with the exclusion of sound, which is DLC. It plays well, and once unlocked, the sound is fitting and entrancing.

The entire game is quite short, a speed run can be completed in less than 15 minutes, even with the DLC, but the challenge of trying to collect as much DLC as possible in addition to the references to other games adds an extra layer to the game as well.


Final Rating:  8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On:  Xbox 360
Time to completion: Less than an hour.
Achievements:  10 (in-game only)
Price Bought at:  80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Current Price:  80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Recommend Purchase Price:  80 Microsoft Points
Why you should buy it: The game is a funny satire on the extensive DLC practices and has comedic references to older video games.
Why you shouldn’t buy it:  While the game has its moments, the overall experience is short and can be frustrating if you do not like satire, or can’t take a joke. Additionally, the game lacks replay value since you can collect all the coins and DLC as well as complete the game well under an hour.



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