XBLIG Review: Chompy Chomp Chomp – What’s Chompin’ You?

Chompy Chomp Chomp by Utopian World of Sandwiches is a frantic multiplayer frenzy that glows through its simplicity and colorful charm. The simple and quirky indie game is a fantastic party game that begs to be pulled out numerous times only to chomp or be chomped by the chomper chomping you.


Chompy is sort of an odd mix of Pac-man and Paper, Scissors, Rock. You are one of four hungry, armless creatures that want to eat a particular different color creature while not being eaten by another particular color creature; all the while that creature is trying to avoid another creature who is avoiding the creature the first one is trying to eat. Basically, every player is both a chomper and a chompee, but only to specific players.

Each creature has a little colored circle underneath it that corresponds to the only creature it can eat, and in the frenzy that color is likely to be forgotten at times and other times it will be lost in the shuffle. It would be wise to be on the lookout for the person who can eat you, as you should try to avoid that person at all costs. The game evokes some more mayhem as the order switches up every so often and includes various power-ups. The craziness that ensues when the dinner menu changes can be quite comical since you can easily end up chasing the creature that wants to eat you.

The game also has several nice options for customization that allow each game to be unique. It has multiple levels and designs as well as the ability to change the power-ups available and the frequency of their drops. Additionally, the game has two ways to beat your friends – with a timer countdown, where you need to have the highest score when the timer hits zero, or by chomping your buddies to reach a set score first. The score is determined by eating the foe Chompy and multipliers help increase your score quicker, but if you are chomped, you lose some points and the multiplier goes back to zero. Additionally, your score is lessened when you are within a gas bomb.

The maps help give Chompy its spark. While the game is extremely well designed, the plethora of maps provides a unique challenge as the whole dynamic of the game can be determined on the layout of the base map. Some maps have choke points, others are completely bare. However, each and every map provides the opportunity to chomp and prove your chomping superiority.

The worst parts of the game are without a doubt the respawn points and the cheapness of the gas bomb. When you die, you respawn in a location and on several instances will respawn near, next to or on top of the Chompy who wants to eat you and be quickly gobbled up. As for the items, the bombs emit a gas cloud that saps some of your score the longer you are in the cloud. The problem can become increased when the bomb is located near the sticky goo, as you can not move quickly and your score keeps falling. While annoying and frustrating, turn around is fair play for the other players and in the end, it more or less evens out.

For the players who are unfortunate enough to not have four controllers and/or three friends with Chompy and Xbox Live, the game does allow the ability to play with AI Chompy. The AI players have the ability to be set to varying difficulties, but even the most difficult AI opponents can not compare to playing with, and creaming, four buddies.

The overall simplicity of the design and game play is what makes this game such a great party game. Chompy is similar to Super Smash Bros. as you do not need a ton of experience and game-know-how to play and enjoy it, yet even avid, self-proclaimed gamers can still jump in and have a fun and enjoyable time.

The customization options add many extra miles to the game as well. The uniquely designed maps can provide additional facades to some games and the ever-changing food definitely keeps you on your toes.

Final Rating: 9/10


CBR Break Down:

Console Played On: XBLIG

Time to completion: Three minutes per go, with infinitely many available.

Gamer Score Earned: N/A

Price Bought at: A code was provided by Utopian World of Sandwiches

Current Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)

Recommend Purchase Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)

Why you should buy it: If you need a great party game that is simple and insanely fun.

Why you shouldn’t buy it: If you have no friends to play with. Well, maybe buy this game and you could get some.



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