Review: Gravity Rush – Oops, I Fell Up


Gravity Rush caught my interest as soon as I saw the first previews for it.  I was very eager for Gravity Rush’s release and hoped it would live up to my expectations.  Luckily, it did.

Gravity Rush is about a girl named Kat who is a gravity shifter.  This means Kat can look in a direction and then make that direction down for herself, making her fall in that direction.  She can then stop herself in midair and pick a new direction.  This allows the player to fall up into the sky and then fly across the city to travel to a new destination.  Flying, well really falling, like this makes it entertaining even when just traversing the map and makes Gravity Rush rather unique.

Of course there has to be more to the game than just moving around the city.  Kat starts the game not knowing who she is or how she got her powers.  Kat quickly finds herself trying to help the people of the city as creatures called Nevi attack them.  Nevi are black monsters with a glowing red core (these red cores are their weak points so that is where you need to attack).  Kat can just kick these spots but since she has powers she can also be more creative.  Kat can float up into the air, then do a gravity kick to the Nevi,  shifting gravity towards them as you kick making for a powerful attack.  Kat can also create a statis field to pick up objects and throw them at the Nevi, allowing her to attack from a distance.

These attacks make for enjoyable combat but there are drawbacks.  One big problem is that if a gravity kick misses you go flying right by.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if you didn’t have to turn the camera all the way around to find your target again.  With up and down changing direction so often, things can get rather confusing.  There is also one level where they limited your use of gravity shifting that was also combat heavy and forces you to climb up high using the small gravity changes, which I found to be a rather cheap way of upping the difficulty.

One of the best aspects of Gravity Rush is the story.  As I said before Kat starts with no memories but does not hesitate to jump right in and try to help people.  She becomes a hero to the city and how that builds is well-told and interesting to watch unfold.  The story is great but unfortunately does fall a bit flat at the end though really wrapping up everything you would like to know about Kat.  The graphics in the game are also excellent.  The game play looks excellent and cut scenes are told with beautifully drawn comic panels.  The draw distance does seem to take the brunt for the high image quality though.  For a game where you travel great distances quickly it doesn’t always seem like you can see as far as you should be able to.

Of course being a game for the PS Vita, Gravity Rush does use tilt and touch controls.  Luckily it keeps those controls limited and uses those few wisely.  The one touch control you will use often is evade and to do that you just flick your finger on the screen.  This is quite easy to do by just sliding your right thumb over to the screen and then back to the buttons.  You also have to tap on bosses when they are weakened to finish them.  You just need to tap, no patterns, no timing, just a tap which I found refreshing compared to some of the horrible touch controls other games use.  Finally you can do a slide using your gravity power that you control by tilting the Vita.  I found this to be a great use of the tilt and a bit challenging.  This is good though since it only made we want to practice and refine my controls more.

Gravity Rush does have a few flaws but in the end I found it to be a great game.  It is fun to explore and master Kat’s powers.  It also has an engaging story to draw you in.  If you need something new to play on your Vita I definitely recommend giving Gravity Rush a try.


Final Rating: 8/10

CBR Break Down:

Console Played On: Playstation Vita
Time to completion: 13 hours
Trophies Earned: 28/40
Price Bought at: $39.99
Current Price: $39.20 via Amazon
Recommend Purchase Price: $39.99
Why you should buy it: You want something different and fun as well as want to learn what it is like to fall into the sky.
Why you shouldn’t buy it: You get airsick easily or aren’t up for something a bit different.


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