Review: Foosball 2012 – Fun with men on a stick


Foosball 2012 is the first foosball video game I have personally ever heard of.  I enjoy playing foosball so I thought I would give Foosball 2012 a chance.  Just like real foosball it is fast paced and hectic but unfortunately not quite as fun as the real game.

In order to simulate foosball on the PS3 and PS Vita the controls of course have to be changed since an add-on with bars you spin would probably be a bit costly and cumbersome.  The developers instead chose for you to control the placement of your rows of foosmen with the left analog stick.  You can move the lines up and down with the left stick but to keep things simple it moves all four lines at the same time.  I understand why they have to do this but it really changes how I normally play since I always like to keep the goalie centered until the last minute when I play.  You also use the left stick to do gentle movements of the ball like passing to the next one in the left.

In order to shoot you use the right stick.  You just push the direction you want to shoot the ball and let go.  You can adjust power and angles by the direction and how hard you push on the analog stick.  Foosball 2012 will not let you make an impossible angle by shooting down when the ball is on the topside of your foosman.  It will though adjust how you have the foosmen placed now and then to help make the angle you want.

Those are pretty much the main controls of Foosball 2012 and overall they work pretty just fine.  You don’t have the tactile control you do of real foosball, but for a conversion to a video game it works well.  There are more advanced controls though as well.  These are what they call trick shots, which are well known shots that advanced players use in foosball.  These you have to open up by earning stars in the World Tour campaign.  To use a trick shot you have to have the power saved up for it and then you just simply push the button that coincides with the shot you desire.  The game then takes control from the player to perform these shots.  This takes some of the run out of advanced shots and I wish they had found a way to let the play execute them without the games assistance.


Yes, that is a hot dog.

Foosball 2012 also has some customization on how it looks.  You can choose your own flag, open up different foosmen and even have different balls (I know there is a joke here but I am not going to touch it).  There are also different tables that alter play subtlety.  There are tables with one goalie, three goalies, or that have a net around the goal narrowing the angles you can make shots from.  This adds some depth and variance to the game.

The aesthetics of Foosball 2012 are quite good.  The various tables and foosman look great on both the PS3 and Vita.  The different balls look sharp, especially the fireball that is just that, a ball on fire.  Even the sound of the ball hitting the sides of the table or dropping into the goal is realistic.  I do have to say the background music was nothing special and got old after awhile.


Foosball 2012 is one of the first cross-play games I have tried out.  This means you can play it on the PS3, quit, and then pick it up on the Vita right where you left off.  I was surprised to see how well this worked and that I enjoyed the game equally on both systems.

I did enjoy Foosball 2012 but unfortunately I don’t see that enjoyment lasting long term.  It is a fun diversion with easy to use controls that will hopefully be built on if there is ever a Foosball 2013.  In the end though once you have played through the World Tour you will probably be done playing unless you can find someone to play it with online, which I could not since the lobby was empty whenever I tried.  If you want to try out some foosball on your Vita or PS3 give this a try, otherwise I am sure you can find something else that will keep you entertained longer.


Final Rating: 6.5/10


CBR Break Down:

Console Played On:
Playstation Vita and Playstation 3
Time to completion: About 4 – 6 hours for World Tour
Trophies Earned: 2/12
Price Bought at: $5.99
Current Price: $7.99 via PSN ($5.99 if you are a PS Plus member)
Recommend Purchase Price: $4.99
Why you should buy it: You want a foosball game to smack some balls into the goal.

Why you shouldn’t buy it: You aren’t a foosball fan or are very picky about your foosball controls.


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