Best Buy Gaming Blowout 2.0 clearance event info leaked

The full(ish) list is now available! To see that, CLICK HERE.

A couple of weeks ago Best Buy held a “Gaming Blowout” clearance event that places many games and accessories for $14.99 or less, and in many cases (for accessories) $1.99 or less.  Rumors of a Gaming Blowout 2.0 surfaced earlier this week and appear to be confirmed for the week of 8/12, though not all the sale information is yet known.  So far the employee who leaked the information displayed in the sale ad stated that the following was included:

The Darkness II – $14.99 – Read our review!
Sorcery – $14.99
Skylanders 3-Character Pack – $14.99
The Black Eyed Peas Experience – $9.99
Rayman Origins – $9.99
Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – $9.99
Rocketfish 4 port Charging Station for PS3 – $4.99
Playstation Move Shooting Pistol – $4.99
160Gb Playstation 3 – $229.99

Also rumored but at this point completely unconfirmed for the sale is the following list:

Uncharted Dual Pack
Uncharted 3 – Read our Review!
Batman Arkham City
UDraw “Something or Another”
Resistance 3
AC Brotherhood

Last time around many titles were not known till only minutes before the sale went live on and that is likely to be true again this time. We will update this post with any additional information as it becomes available.  CAG user MidnightMetal is responsible for confirming the rumored sale.



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