XBLIG Uprising III officially announced, trailer released

It’s been rumored for some time and finally it is official; The XBLIG Uprising III (or simply Indie Games Uprising III) will rise again, this September!  From September 10th-20th a total of nine XBLIG games from a variety of developers covering many different genres will be released each weekday (Monday-Friday).

For those unfamiliar, the Indie Games Uprising is a developer coordinated and promoted event in which the community comes together to spotlight some of the best offerings on the XBLIG channel. Sort of the indie version of Summer of Arcade for XBLA.  This year the promotion is being managed by Michael Hicks and Dave Voyles, and features some of the best looking XBLIG’s I’ve seen to date.

The games includes “Sententia” from Michael Hicks, developer of the XBLIG Honor in Vengeance, Smudged Cat Games newest XBLIG “Gateways”, “Xenominer” by Gristmill Studios, “City Tuesday” from newcomer Chris Zukowski as well as many more. Keep an eye on http://www.indiegames-uprising.com for more information in the coming weeks about the games and the uprising itself (and CBR too of course). In the meantime, catch a glimpse of all the indie game action coming this September in the official Indie Games Uprising III trailer below:



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