XBLIG Uprising Preview: Five minutes until detonation, over and over again — City Tuesday

It’s time for an uprising of the gaming variety!  Indie game fans and developers rejoice, for now is your time to RISE!  Can you hear the chanting?  Can you hear the cries?  Can you hear the Batman?  I’m kidding about that part… or am I?

We here at CBR have set out to provide you with exclusive coverage of the XBLIG uprising.  From previews, to reviews, to fresh made cookies — I’m kidding, I’m terrible at baking — we’ll have everything you want from this year’s event.

I’m not crazy, I swear! The world is going to end!

This is Chris Zukowski’s first venture into game development.  Imagine, if you will, reliving the same five minutes over and over again.  Sounds annoying, right?  What if those five minutes were the last five minutes before a terrorist attack?  Is your heart pounding yet?  It should be, because that’s the plot for “City Tuesday.”

You have five minutes to save the world. You have five minutes to save the world. You have five minutes to save the world. Over and over and over again.

Done in a classy sort of black and white style, “City Tuesday” is a puzzle platformer that gives you five minutes to figure out what to do about a terrorist attack.  Do you try and warn people?  Would anyone even believe you?  Do you try and defuse the bombs yourself?  Do you even have time to go across the entire city in five minutes?  Every time you fail you’re forced to go back to the beginning of those five minutes, reliving those terrifying moments before the terrorist attack.

Learn the layout of the city and learn from its inhabitants.  Discover where the bombs are and work to diffuse and stash all of them before time runs out.  Can you save the city?  Or will you be forced to relive the same nightmare for the rest of your life?


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