XBLIG Uprising Preview: Crash land into XenoMiner!

It’s time for an uprising of the gaming variety!  Indie game fans and developers rejoice, for now is your time to RISE!  Can you hear the chanting?  Can you hear the cries?  Can you hear the Batman?  I’m kidding about that part… or am I?

We here at CBR have set out to provide you with exclusive coverage of the XBLIG uprising.  From previews, to reviews, to fresh made cookies — I’m kidding, I’m terrible at baking — we’ll have everything you want from this year’s event.

A 3D space shooter.  An upcoming fantasy tower-defense game.  Gristmill Studios has been around the block, as they say.  Now the studio has an even bigger project in mind called “XenoMiner,” an epic action/adventure game ready to take the Indie Game Uprising by storm!

Nice place to crash land… um… HELP!!!

Imagine, if you will, crash landing on a large moon with very little oxygen in your spacesuit.  That’s how your day starts in “XenoMiner.”  Now stranded on Xenos, all you have at your side is the remains of your destroyed ship.  Can you survive the harsh lunar environment with very little air and salvaged pieces of your only way home?

Probably not.

But fear not!  — or… quake with fear?  Either way, you’ll be happy to know that, “XenoMiner” is full of nifty surprises that’ll turn your disastrous situation into an addictively good time.

And suddenly we can build things… IN SPACE!

Xenos is a large landscape full of rich terrain that’s ready to be explored.  You’ll be able to try out futuristic technology; anti-gravity pads, gravity-bending boots, and even bots you can program to dig through the land and build new structures.  Since Xenos has a vast amount of space you can easily lose yourself in building bridges, tunnels, and other interesting structures that will be key in your survival — or key in your attempt to be the snazziest space decorator in the entire solar system.

The game may have a hopeless start, but “XenoMiner” has all of the resources and technology to turn things around.  The question is do you have the skills to use the tools given to you?  Are you strong enough to survive the endless void of space?  Do you know how to program a bot and make it do your bidding?  All of this and more await you in Gristmill Studio’s newest hit.


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