XBLIG Uprising Preview: The blocks. They’re pixels. They’re EVERYWHERE!


It’s time for an uprising of the gaming variety!  Indie game fans and developers rejoice, for now is your time to RISE!  Can you hear the chanting?  Can you hear the cries?  Can you hear the Batman?  I’m kidding about that part… or am I?

We here at CBR have set out to provide you with exclusive coverage of the XBLIG uprising.  From previews, to reviews, to fresh made cookies — I’m kidding, I’m terrible at baking — we’ll have everything you want from this year’s event.

Yeah, much less complex than “Call of Duty.” Ahahahaha… ha… excuse me while I cry in the corner.

I am absolutely dreadful at shooters.  If you expect me to cover you in games like “Call of Duty,” just toss the control and wait for yourself to be killed because I can’t help you.  However, there are two types of shooters that I am actually competent in: zombies and puzzles.  You can guess from the title of this game which genre “Pixel” caters to.

This puzzle looks like a piece of cake! By cake I mean, “Oh dear lord this is the most terrifying cake ever!”

Ratchet Game Studio’s latest release reminds me a lot of “Portal.”  The game looks like it takes place in an unfinished test chamber, the colors basic and the environment waiting to be explored.  Instead of shooting one portal to go from part A to part B you shoot particles.  The particles manipulate the environment in a number of ways.  The floor will shift, the ground will rise up, gaps will be filled and challenges will be conquered.  The key to victory is to move quickly and think on your feet, rushing through 25 different levels in a race to the finish line.

Step into the world of “Pixel,” where puzzles are tricky and need to be done as quickly as possible.  Can you solve each one?


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