XBLIG version of Gateways! price dropped to only $1 (80 MSP)

The Indie Games Uprising III‘s stand out title and critic darling Gateways! has dropped in price to a mere $1 (that’s 80 Microsoft Funny dollars).  The price drop to celebrate the game’s fantastic reception, also comes with the notable update for the game.  The update includes a new ‘normal’ difficulty mode (note that it isn’t described as easy) meant to make some of the later puzzles easier to complete, rumble support, some help menus that explain the more complex gateway guns in detail, the ability to disable auto-save and support for 4:3 displays. Of course the update most gamers are going to cheer for is the new “normal” difficulty mode.   Check out our review of the game!

Download the game from the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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