XBLIG Review: Die Pad Die – A quick mash indeed

Die Pad Die by My Coded Life is a straight-forward button masher that attempts to create a fun multi-player experience while mindlessly pressing buttons.


In Die Pad Die you only need to worry about one thing – pressing a button, or buttons, as quickly as possible. That is it. The game does have three game modes – one-button masher, two-button masher and a button mashing marathon – but they are all essentially the same thing. The marathon is possibly the easiest to master as you only need to hit the corresponding button as quickly as you can and try to continue for as long as possible. The button masher modes can be played in single or multi-player, up to four people.

The game is simple in its execution, but the challenge comes in to be the quickest masher of them all. The game could be a fun party game if you want to press a button as quickly as you can, but that slight sense of enjoyment will disappear before too long. You could get far more enjoyment out of bashing buttons on any range of fighter games with the same amount of buttons mashed. However, Die Pad Die does have Xbox Live avatar support.

Here are some probable ways the game could useful:

  1. Stress release
  2. Finger exercise
  3. Scaring away trick-or-treaters with the angry face you will have while button mashing
  4. Practice for  any fighting game
  5. Watching Xbox Live avatars running as quickly as they can

While the game is not particularly memorable, or exciting, it is not terrible either, especially if you are fond of button mashing.  The real issue of the game is its brevity and nothing really makes it more than a two to three minute detour of the day.  The only reason to ever load it up after the first try is to perhaps reclaim a spot on the game’s leaderboard.  But how much competition is there really going to be for mashing a button?


Short game = short review.

Final Rating: 6/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On
Time to completion: A few seconds each round
Gamer Score Earned: N/A
Price Bought at: 80MSP ($1)
Current Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Recommend Purchase Price: Can’t go lower.
Why you should buy it: If you find pleasure in mashing buttons furiously.
Why you shouldn’t buy it: If you have better things to do with your time than to constantly mash buttons furiously.


About Steve Lesniewski

Steve lives in Chicago and recently graduated from the University of Illinois. He has been fascinated with video games since his ninth birthday when he received a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue. He loves following sports and cheers win or lose for the Bears, Bulls and the Fighting Illini, who include the 2012 men’s gymnastic national champs as well as the 2011 women’s volleyball national runner-up.