XBLIG Review: Demon House: FPS

Demon House: FPS by Photonic Games is a first person shooter set in a haunted house. The game is playable, yet, questionably enjoyable.

In Demon House, you play as an alchemist who is attempting to stop another rouge alchemist from creating a horde of mechanic ghouls to take over the world. You are equipped with a handful of weapons that you must use to subdue the various monsters and eventually take down the over-reaching, psychotic madman.


Demon House is not going to wow you in any sense of the word; the graphics are more comparable to something two or three system generations ago, the gameplay is decent at best and it does not take long to beat, yet it drags on at times. The game is average, but if you are already sick of Halo 4 and Black Ops II and need another first-person shooter, then give it a try.

Demon House’s environment is startling cliché. It is reminiscent of every haunted house video game and movie down to the empty, yet crying rocking baby carriage. While the baddies are supposed to be these high-tech, steam-powered gadgets, they take the form of skeletons and hooded reapers. Heck, even the final weapon is the ultimate scary movie symbol – a modified pentagon. These clichés do not by any stretch make the game bad, they are just tired and over-used, and questionably present in a game about an alchemist making steam-powered toys.

Beyond the cliché nature of the whole haunted mansion and catacomb maze, the game plays fairly well with little to no glitches. The only aspect of the game that was frustrating was the sensitivity of the aiming controls, but the only real complaint is it is not as smooth as retail blockbuster games such as Halo and Call of Duty, but that is not Demon House’s fault, because few games are as smooth as the premiere first-person shooters, let alone an indie title. This will likely turn some people off to the game really quickly. However, to the developer’s credit, the game does allow for the sensitivity to be adjusted, but nothing really feels exactly right, playable, but just a little off.  The only other complaint about the controls is the fact when you turn around, the character does more than face another direction, he actually moves. This only becomes a problem when you are on ledges and a fall will kill you.

Demon House does have its share of sudden ghoul appearances. On several occasions, you will look behind you, know the area is clear, and proceed a little farther only to be attacked from behind. These fiends really make you believe the house is truly plagued by demons. How else could these goons keep randomly appearing? It helps give the feel of a haunted house, where behind any corner, a ghost or demon is waiting for you.

As an added bonus, Demon House has a multiplayer mode that allows up to four players who can beat up on ghouls and ghosts.



Final Rating: 6/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On
Time to completion: 3 hours
Gamer Score Earned: N/A
Price Bought at: A code was provided by Photonic Games.
Current Price: 80 MSP ($1)
Recommend Purchase Price: Can’t go lower.
Why you should buy it: If you need love fps and you need a retro fix.
Why you shouldn’t buy it: If you bought the new Halo and/ or Call of Duty game.



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