Free Bundle highlights free indie games

free bundle

You’ve heard of the Humble Bundle and the Royale Bundle. Now there is the Free Bundle.

The Free Bundle collects a handful of indie games and offers the games for free. The Free Bundle, headed by brothers Javier and Carlos Cabrera, does not accept donations but encourages donations to the developers themselves. The games are regularly available for free from the developers themselves, but the Free Bundle is designed to bring awareness to those games.

“[M]ost of us work so much through the year we usually miss these beautiful, incredible well-made games,” the Free Bundle site says. “They fly under our radar for several reasons.”

“We want to give REAL indie developers a chance to show their work,” the site continues. “It seems the definition of indie game developer has changed over the last few years. Today, we see guys with big offices, several published games, some even by Sony or Nintendo, and ten, twenty employees call themselves indies, and we slowly shake our heads. See, we feel that while these guys are small devs, they are not exactly ‘indies’ anymore.”

The first five games in the bundle:

Nitronic Rush


Celestial Beings

I’m Scared: A Pixelated Nightmare

Abobo’s Big Adventure




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