Rumor: Best Buy updating price matching policy to include online retailers/become one of the worst in the business


As the lengthy title notes, rumors have begun to swirl that Best Buy will be making some rather big changes to their official price matching policy starting on March 3rd that will greatly affect those who make Best Buy their shopping destination for video games and other electronics.  As is, their current price matching policy is more or less that they will match the advertised price for any store within about 25 miles of the location you are at, and that you will have 30 days (as a standard member, 60 days if you  are a silver member) to return the item or get a price adjustment if Best Buy or any other store in the area has an advertised price lower (this included for example if there was a Target within the distance).  Many bargain hunting gamers will tell you that this policy of price adjustments/price matching post sale is one of the best in the business and makes Best Buy a really great place to consider for your gaming needs.

The updated policy though, not so much.

What is confirmed is that starting March 3rd, Best Buy will now match most major online retailers, including, and  This is all in an attempt to stop “showrooming” at their stores (where people come into Best Buy to see an item in person but then buy it for less on  This has been in a trial period at the company and the change actually matches recent changes by another major retailer, Target.

The rumored and more controversial change to their policy is that starting on March 3rd Best Buy will now only be offering 15 days to return an item for non-silver customers (it is unclear if silver customers will still get the 60 days or not).  Additionally, Best Buy is ending their post sale price matching policy for any retailer other than themselves (in-store or online).  The post sale price match guarantee has been one of the best in the business for a long time, and ending that is sad enough, but the 15 day return period is possibly the worst in the business now.  For some frame of reference, Toys R Us, which we all admit isn’t the greatest, offers 30 days to return unopened electronics. Target offers a whopping 90 days in many cases, including unopened video games.

While the rumors are still unconfirmed by the company itself, enough sources have popped up stating that this change is in fact coming to make it a real possibility. What is really unclear is what effect this may end up having on the one demographic Best Buy can not afford to lose right now; their loyal customers who are likely the most familiar with their policies (and also the most likely to make use of them)

Two sources so far include some Best Buy employees that have posted on CAG and rumors also confirmed by The Consumerist.


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