XBLIG Review: DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die


The game that made fun of the ridiculous nature of purchasing downloadable content is back… with a vengeance. Yippie Ki Yay.


DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die by Going Loud Studios is a side-scrolling adventure RPG that is a comical satire on the gaming industry. Like its predecessor, DLC Quest 2 is snarky, quick and exploits you for every bit of DLC it can offer you; the jokes are funny and the game never feels tedious, yet while the sequel is close to the quality of the original, the first game is a tad superior.


DLC Quest 2 follows the adventures of the protagonist known as Player, an unfortunate soul who lives in an unfinished, buggy and bare-bones game. The game is nowhere as bare-bones as the first one was at the start, as you do have the ability to move left and use the pause button. And, all those problems can be fixed with a little TLC DLC.

As far as controls, DLC Quest 2 is pretty much the same game as the first one, but with some new options available a la DLC.


Player walks into the adventure to discover the land has been desecrated by a flock of zombie sheep. So, you are tasked with saving the town and restoring peace and tranquility, except you are going to need to download the release day update, the ability to utilize checkpoints and knowledge of the elusive wall-jump, among various other DLC. But these precious gifts are not part of the basic game you just purchased; they are some of the micro transaction purchases you must get to make the game whole. So, you have to collect coins, a task almost as old as video games themselves.

However, that is part of the allure of DLC Quest. The series is a knock on video games and draws from many of the more popular aspects of the culture. The game has a retro 8-bit look and draws from THE most popular task early gaming wanted… collecting things.


The humor is tongue and cheek, but if you enjoyed the first game, you should get at least a few chuckles. Perhaps my favorite punch line comes once you figure out how to kill the zombie sheep. I must say, I am quite the fan of the game it is based on.

***Some spoilers below

The plants DLC kills the zombie sheep; so it is Plants vs. Zombies. Hahaha. Classic… I have a weird sense of humor. The sheep are zombies of the sheep Player killed in the first game, but to be honest, I did not kill any sheep, so kinda confused why the Shepard is mad at me. After you manage to defeat the Shepard, a secondary villain appears, the Shopkeep. You then get to trek through another world, which has to be purchased as DLC, to find a way to stop him.


DLC Quest 2also has some in-game achievements. The included achievements are jabbing at the system of achievements and trophies, as well as those that collect them. Some are awarded for simply progressing through the story, but is that really an achievement, others take lots of collecting. Either way, sometimes the description for each one is better than unlocking it to being with.


The game does allow for added story after you finish the first part, clearly through DLC, an obvious knock on developers that blatantly cut off a substantial part of a game and package it as, umm…, DLC. The game is much of the same, but the witty jokes help carry it through. If you enjoyed the first DLC Quest, the sequel is an obvious buy, if not, then pass, just don’t buy horse armor, which sadly did not make a re-appearance in DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die.


Final Rating:  8/10

CBR Break Down:
Console Played On:  Xbox 360
Time to completion: An hour and a half
Achievements:  N/A
Price Bought at:  80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Current Price:  80 Microsoft Points ($1)
Why you should buy it: If you liked the first one, enjoy a good laugh about video games or enjoy needlessly purchasing DLC.
Why you shouldn’t buy it:  If you don’t like satire, hated the first one or hate purchasing DLC.


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