Killer Hornet successor starting to take flight

Development for the successor to Super Killer Hornet, the shoot-em up that utilized math equations for power-ups, is well under way, and the creative minds behind the series have posted footage of the game, titled Super Killer Hornet Resurrection.


Although, Flump Studios saw success from its most recent game, Pester, the team felt it needed to make the next game stand out from everything on the XBLIG marketplace.

“I really love Pester,” said Paul Marrable of Flump Studios. “But, I don’t think it had enough innovation to make it really stand out.”

“We’re definitely trying to come out of left field with the new killer hornet,” Marrable said. “The math is back, along with a new alphabet based multiplier and a possible memory based multiplier.”

“It’s coming along way better than I expected and is easily the best looking game we’ve made,” Marrable said. “We’re also experimenting with randomness as well, even further than with Pester, it’s becoming quite interesting.”

After the relative critical success Pester had across the XBLIG market, the expectations have shot-up considerably for the UK indie team.

“I’ve always said that as so long as the next game is better than the last we’re doing the right thing but that’s just going to get harder and harder to do,” said  “Having said that, I feel really excited about our current project; it’s coming along way better than I could have expected. I think this one will really set the bench mark for us.”

The studio is mid-way through a 48-hour development to better get to know a new artist and musician the team is working with and are posting some updates on Twitter, including some feature testing footage.



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