Ska Studios announces Charlie Murder trailer, possibly official Vampire Smile PC port


After the debacle regarding some Russian hacking Vampire Smile to PC, Ska Studios, of Dishwasher and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 fame, was bombarded by fans of the Dishwasher series for answers to why the game was not released already.

“The main reason it’s not [released on PC yet] is because even though the game was developed on a PC, releasing on PC and working out all of the input, display sizes, graphics options involved is a lot of work” said James Silva of Ska Studios in a post on NeoGAF. “[W]hen Vampire Smile shipped, we were already full speed on Charlie Murder. Once Charlie ships, I’d like to try working on a Vampire Smile PC port, but I’d really like to give it a Director’s cut treatment–rework some areas, add environmental hazards and new enemies, etc., so we wouldn’t really be missing out if there’s a cracked torrent with broken shaders floating around somewhere.”

James Silva expressed to do a “Director’s Cut” of Vampire Smiles and received the green-light from Microsoft to go ahead with the plan. While no date is set in stone, nor even officially in the planning stage, Silva expressed his desire to make the game for PC once he has the time to properly do it.

He even joked on twitter saying, “I actually wouldn’t mind Steam user base money!” when responding to skepticism for why the Dishwasher series has yet to reach Steam.

However, the big announcement Silva and Ska Studios released today is a new trailer for the two-person studio’s upcoming XBLA game, Charlie Murder, which is slated to be released sometime this summer.



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