Get free RockStar game and $10/$20 RZ Certificate when you preorder GTAV at Best Buy


Best Buy has long had the deal where if you are a member of their Gamer’s Club Unlocked (paid membership) you would get a $20 reward zone certificate for pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto V.  To sweeten the pot just a bit more, Best Buy is now throwing in a free RockStar game (from a select list). Games include Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City and Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Complete Edition).  Gamers who are not a member of the Gamer’s Club Unlocked program can still get the free game, but they get only a $10 Reward Zone certificate for picking up their pre-order instead of $20.


So far this deal appears to be online only, though Best Buy frequently is willing to match such deals in store.  The full price of the pre-order is required to get this deal online.   CLICK HERE to visit the Best page for more information.


*Edit*  It appears the deal is currently not working, there was apparently an earlier glitch that allowed for two copies of GTA V to be added. Hopefully Best Buy will sort this out soon.


Credit to Cheap Ass Gamer member PublikDefender for this find.


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