Best Buy offering Ouya $50 off with extra controller and $10 gift card today only!

ouya_22884.nphdToday only, as part of Best Buy’s “Deal of the Day” you can snag an Ouya for $99.99 (a savings of $50).  If that wasn’t enough to peek your interest they are also throwing in an extra wireless controller (MSRP $49.99) and a $10 gift card to sweeten the deal.  If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try out Ouya’s promise of a different type of console now may be the time. Click the image below for more details.


If the Ouya isn’t your cup of tea, Best Buy also has discounts on several 360 and PS3 games including Madden NFL 12 and Defiance as well as Elgato Game Capture HD. See all the Deals of the Day by clicking the link you just read.



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