CBR Rewards

CBR Rewards is our way of giving back to users who are the most involved in the site.  It may just be the easiest way to win free games, DLC and more. Basically we award your participation on the site with occasional random giveaways to people who have commented on the increasingly wide variety of content on Clearance Bin Review. That’s it!  All you have to do is comment on any article on CBR in a given time frame and you’ll be automatically entered to win. (With some exceptions, see the FAQ below for full details)

This months reward is  Fortix 2 for PC/Steam! This reverse tower-defense game won over one of our authors when we reviewed it, and we even gave a couple of codes away for the game but many went without.  Now though you have a 2nd chance since Nemesys Games has given us 3 more codes to give away.  That’s right, for the first time ever, CBR Rewards will award three random comments on the site!  More about the game:


“Come not between the dragon, and his wrath.”
William Shakespeare, King Lear

A wise advise, but what can you do when they come between you and your quest?

Fortix II can be easiest described as a reverse turret defense game. The aim in the game is to conquer the castles on each playfield. The castles are protected by turrets and evil monsters (more often not dragons!). The player controls Sir Fortix – the epic hero of our first game – who is able to free the cursed land.

Sir Fortix is protected alongside the edge of the playfield. He can move around freely and besides some very vicious monsters he is safe from all harms there.

However when he leaves this area he becomes vulnerable to all the monsters and towers.

When Sir Fortix leaves the edge of the playfield he draws a magic line. If he can connect this magic line back to the edge of the level, the line becomes solid and the land freed up from the curse. From this time Sir Fortix can move around in the new area just like he did before on the sides of the level.

It may sound easy, but sometimes it’s harder than you would think…


Visit Fortix 2’s official site for more info

And Fortix 2 can be yours, just for commenting on any article (or as many articles as you want!) for the remainder of May!  We really couldn’t make it much easier for you now could we?  Still not entirely sold? Read the review and watch the trailer again, then tell us with a straight face you don’t want to try it out and it isn’t worth the time to make a comment on the site.  C’mon. Do it.


How often will “rewards” be given out?

Typically, at least in the beginning, we will be giving away one item a month to a random person who has commented on any article.

What type of rewards will there be?

That will vary depending on what we can get from developers or are simply able to scrounge up ourselves.  We will try as often as possible to have full games for our giveaways but unfortunately that won’t always be possible.  Sometimes it will be DLC, or maybe a pack of random props for your Xbox avatar.  While for the time being we will only be doing one reward per period, we do hope to expand that in the future and if someone is randomly selected and doesn’t want the item in question we will do our best to see if we can offer something else of equal value. More often than not we will announce the intended prize at the beginning of every prize period.

So how exactly do I enter?

It’s simple really.  Just post a meaningful comment on any article on the site in a given time period (i.e. the month of April).  That’s it! You will be automatically entered into that period’s drawing.  The only exception is that we will not be counting post made as entries into other contest.  We also reserve the right to determine whether we feel a post was, as said before, meaningful. (Basically we are looking for something more than “yes” in your comment!)

How will you pick the winner(s)?

It is a long complicated process involving witchcraft and some voodoo.  Basically we see how many comments were posted in a given time period, such as a month, subtract from that number any comments from post for contest and pick a random number with a random number generator.  Ignoring all comments from the contest post we simply count to that random comment and then email the individual who’s comment won.  They will then have 24 hours to respond and claim their prize before we pick another winner.

That’s it? There’s got to be a couple of things I forgot to ask!

Yes, that’s pretty much all you really to do.  Some minor details that didn’t deserve a separate question though: Time periods are decided based on Central Standard Time, and anyone we feel is spamming the comments or otherwise ruining the spirit of the contest (including commenting under more than one alias, yeah, it’s fairly easy to tell when you do that) will be disqualified and potentially even banned from posting in the future.  So don’t do it!